As promised, we published the code for our ARTist projects:

  • ARTist: The actual instrumentation framework
  • art: the small adaptions we had to make to integrate ARTist into dex2oat
  • ArtistGui: The Android app that ships ARTist to actual devices and allows for selective on-device recompilation of apps
  • CodeLib: our prototype code library showcasing how ARTist can integrate arbitrary libraries into target applications
  • codelib-gen: helper tool to generate the c++ code required to use your own code lib in your ARTist modules
  • monkey-troop: our evaluation tool designed to test ARTist instrumentation concurrently on as many devices as you can provide

The used license is Apache 2.0 wherever we were free to decide this. Please, go ahead, check out the code and play with it. We are looking forward to hear about what you are building with ARTist.
You can go ahead and fork projects, create issues, leave comments or in general get involved, we are actively monitoring GitHub.

To get started, you can have a look at the documentation provided at this webpage.