Today we updated our documentation to prefer https over ssh when it comes to cloning our GitHub repositories. The reason is simple: In order to clone a repository via ssh, you need to have a GitHub account set up with an ssh key that needs to be present on the machine from where you want to clone our repos. For example, this might be your institute’s or company’s build server where you do not want to have your key lying around. While ssh agent forwarding (ssh -A ...) works, some people discourage you from using this because it can be misused while you are logged in remotely.

In addition, we updated our manifests for the repo tool so that there are now versions with https and with ssh (https being the default in the docs). While setting up ARTist, git submodule update --init clones ARTist into a subfolder, so you would run into the same problems stated above.

In conclusion, if you followed the tutorials and got stuck at a permission denied during cloning, this is fixed by now. If it worked already for you, you do not have to do anything.