In order to give you a chance to try out ARTist without going through the hassle of building it from scratch, we decided to provide ready-made versions of ARTist that can be installed and used immediately.
If you have a rooted device running one of the supported Android versions, simply go to Binary Releases and follow the instructions there.

Right now, we have an ARTist version that runs a trace logging module for you to try out.
It basically adds a log statement to each and every method in the target application that logs the method’s own name.
Why? First, we want to demonstrate that ARTist can be used to instrument apps at large, meaning a lot of own code is executed and still the app’s original functionality is unchanged.
Second, it is quite interesting to see when and how often applications are active. You might be able to find the reason for them draining your battery too fast.
Third, trace logging hints at the possibility to create a nice debugging tool based on ARTist. Let’s see.

In the future, we will provide further modules that cover different scenarios. ARTist is a framework and, as such, can be used to implement a multitude of different use cases.
If you feel you found a nice application of ARTist and need help to get started, drop us a message.