Tomorrow, the CEBIT trade fare will open its gates once again to businesses and interested parties from around the world to talk about all things digital. As a part of the CISPA booth, we will also have an exhibit focused on ARTist. Come by and have a chat about what ARTist can do for developers and end users alike. We hope to receive plenty of feedback about what people want to build with ARTist and what users are actually asking for.

While we approach the official beta release of the ARTist project, we are moving closer to the end user. We started with a solution only suitable for researchers and system developers due to the high effort required to get started with using ARTist. With the upcoming beta (where we are currently preparing the final steps for the official release) and the accompanying release of the module SDK, it will be easier than ever to build solutions with ARTist. The goal is to first build a community of developers around ARTist that is actively contributing to the project, but also creating plenty of interesting and novel modules. In the next step, we can then place ARTist as a tool for end users that just need a rooted device and the installed ArtistGui app to take control of their installed applications. We envision a catalogue of available modules that users can choose from, so that customizing and analyzing applications is just a matter of finding the correct module, downloading it into ArtistGui and applying it with a simple touch. That’s what we want to achieve, and therefore we want to talk to developers and users to collect their thoughts and ideas about the matter. In the long run, ARTist is meant to be a community project, from developers for developers & users.

You are visiting CEBIT and want to have a first-hand demonstration of ARTist’s capabilities? Stop by our booth. Not at CEBIT but you have some thoughts to share? Drop us a message at Gitter. In either way, we are looking forward to the CEBIT and your feedback. See you in Hannover!